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Simon Vandana Samaj Seva Sansthan
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Simon Vandana Samaj Seva Sansthan
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Simon Vandana Samaj Seva Sansthan Society   At A Glance

Simon Vandana Samaj Seva Sansthan is located in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh Registered With Registrar of Societies on 03/02/2012. We start our organisation with a hope of education development & Poverty alleviation through our activities & project like Education & Literacy,Women’s Development & Empowerment,Medical Support, Rural area development.

All our main goal is sustainable development of Children, women in rural areas. From the very beginning our founder member, supporter, members & well wishers provide support to success the mission of the Simon vandana samaj seva sansthan. We are very much thankful for their support.


  • Through our ngo we want to provide skills and education specially to womens & children.
  • We want to aware womens and childrens .
  • We want to provide facilities to womens and children.


  • We want to remove poverty, illiteracy, child labour , disease and pollution .
  • We want to empower womens against social , and household injustice.
  • We want to develop modern and better society everywhere.

Our Work

Orphan Children Education & Care

Education is a basic right of every child. As an organisation we provide Free Education to primary level. Side by side, aware parent about how education can change the future of their children.

Child Labor

Children are provided with education, training, mid-day meal. Our objective of preparing them to be mainstreamed into the formal system of education.

Computer Training Course

Keeping in mind the removal unemployment problem from the society we take several initiatives . We organise Job Oriented courses computer Training, competitive exam courses.

BPL Identification

As a social welfare organisation we always work for welfare & justice of people. So we started for BPL Identification campaign so that BPL facility can avail only who are Below  Poverty Level.

Marriage of Poor Girl

Today many girls cannot marry in our society due to the cause of dowry and other social requirement in wedding, for solving that social problem , we conducted marriages of poor and orphan girls.

Spoken English Programm

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Now a day’s it takes a vital role for every place. So we take this very seriously and organise spoken English class for poor and needy students in our local area.

President Message

To  give  child the best education  and provide for him in the best  possible way is every parent’s biggest wish. The years children spend in school are the  most important years of their lives. These are what are called the formative years of life. At  this point of time, they are extremely impressionable and the effects of their surroundings are lasting.  The correct environment and support system can go a long way in building a great future for  the child. Rightfully then, parents are extremely concerned about the kind of education their child gets and kind of values he imbibes while at school.

Simon Pinto


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Vocational Training

Awareness Campaign

Get In Touch

Simon Vandana Samaj Seva Sansthan
Address- 127v Simrol Road Taluk
State-Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +91 9179997775
E-mail: sdjpinto2017@gmail.com