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Orphan children  education & care

Education is a basic right of every child. Due to poverty issue rural areas parents can’t send their children to school. Also, some time parents not take education seriously. So as an organisation we provide Free Education to primary level. Side by side, aware parent about how education can change the future of their children.

Marriage of poor girl

Every girl holds a dream in her eyes of marriage & education. As we know, today many girls cannot marry in our society due to the cause of dowry and other social requirement in wedding, for solving that social problem , Simon vandana samaj seva sansthan conducted marriages of poor and orphan girls.

BPL Identification

As a social welfare organisation we always work for welfare & justice of people. So we started for BPL Identification campaign so that BPL facility can avail only who are Below  Poverty Level. Sofar 2500 get benefited from this campaign . Also, we take initiatives to cancel BPL card who are not in Below Poverty Level.

Child labour

Children are provided with bridge education, vocational training, mid-day meal, health care and recreation etc. Our objective of preparing them to be mainstreamed into the formal system of education.

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Vocational Training

Awareness Campaign

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